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The 13 Best YouTube Channels on Instructional Design: Watch and Learn

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eLearning YouTube channels
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To be a competent instructional designer who creates effective learning and stays up to date, you need to know lots of things and regularly update your knowledge. There are programs in universities, workshops, and many books on instructional design that may help with that. But all of them require quite a lot of time and money. YouTube, on the other hand, is free and available 24/7. There are dozens of YouTube channels on instructional design, from which we chose 13 that we believe to be the best. Check them out.

1. Devlin Peck

If you’re just starting out with instructional design, you may find this eLearning YouTube channel extremely helpful. Its author, Devlin Peck, helps people become instructional designers and land ID opportunities. What are the basics of instructional design? How do you create an eLearning portfolio? What is the life of an instruction designer like? Watch Devlin Peck’s answers to these and many other questions.

Devlin Peck

2. Dr. Luke Hobson

Dr. Luke Hobson is a senior instructional designer and program manager at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). Dr. Hobson has a thorough knowledge of online learning that he uses to create effective an online courses, and he shares his knowledge and experience with his viewers. Watch the videos on his channel to learn about different aspects of ID, such as scenario-based learning and working with SMEs to exploring useful tips about the ID degree. Make sure to watch the interviews with eLearning celebrities Karl Kapp, Katie Novak, and others.

Dr. Luke Hobson

3. Instructional Design Tips

The name speaks for itself: if you’re looking for tips on ID, subscribe to this eLearning YouTube channel. There you’ll meet Tom McDowall – a true eLearning geek. Tom invites lots of experts to explain how to use eLearning tools, strategies, and methods. Besides, Tom and his guests discuss the most relevant, pressing issues of online learning to provide an understanding of how one should design training today. This channel might not be the best fit for beginners, but it definitely is so for those who want to freshen up their knowledge.

Instructional Design Tips

4. Belvista Studios

Belvista Studios has hundreds of eLearning YouTube videos that cover many aspects of instructional design. With them, you will learn how to transition from teacher to instructional designer, get your first client, analyze your instructional design, and lots of other how-tos and tips that will help you design great eLearning and deliver it to your learners. The channel authors run their own eLearning development studio. The knowledge they share comes from their years of experience, and from the experience of many other experts they invite to the channel.

Belvista Studios

5. The eLearning Designer’s Academy

Tim Slade is an award-winning instructional designer. His YouTube channel The eLearning Designer’s Academy might be a nice welcome for those who are getting started with eLearning. In his videos, Tim tells how to get into eLearning, what makes it good, what people misunderstand about it, and other essentials beginners should know. Besides, there are interviews on important ID issues with eLearning experts such as Cammy Bean, Erica Zimmer, and others.

The eLearning Designer's Academy

6. Teacher Transition

The way to instructional design can start anywhere, but attending schools, colleges and universities has always been the most popular. Teacher Transition is the perfect channel for teachers who decided to change their profession. Understanding the specifics of your former experience, Ali Parrish (the author) guides you through the struggles of getting into online learning, dealing with the guilt you may feel about it, acquiring new knowledge and skills, and setting the right goals to achieve success in a new position.

Teacher Transition

7. The Training and Development Channel

Are you excited about Virtual Reality training? If so, this Training and Development YouTube Channel is a perfect match for you. Learn how immersive learning works, how much learning technology costs, and how you can integrate it into your training program. The Training and Development Channel also offers basic videos on eLearning, blended learning, etc.

The Training and Development Channel

8. LearningTechnologies

LearningTechnologies is an annual conference that unites leading thinkers, visioners, and practitioners in workplace learning. All the recordings of speeches and discussions from the conference are uploaded to the conference’s YouTube channel. It may not be relevant for beginners, but advanced instructional designers may find this channel useful for keeping up with trending global topics.


9. ATD

The Association for Talent Development’s YouTube channel contains hundreds of eLearning videos in which famous instructional designers answer questions concerning their novice and experienced colleagues. Here you will find tips on using eLearning tools, interviews with experts, professional advice, and much more. All of these are in the form of videos, or podcasts.

ATD YouTube channel

10. The New EdTech Classroom

Not all of us are tech geeks, and it takes lots of time and effort to choose and handle instructional design tools. Luckily, Sam Kary and Thom Gibson created their eLearning YouTube channel where they explain technical issues in detail. Overviews and comparisons of eLearning authoring tools, tutorials on course creation, insights on useful features, and much more. If you aren’t a tech geek yet, you will certainly be one after watching The New EdTech Classroom.

The New EdTech Classroom

11. Andy Luttrell

In order to create effective eLearning, an instructional designer should understand people, realize what will help them change their behavior, what will motivate them, and more. Andy Luttrell has a PhD in psychology, and in his videos and podcasts he shares not just his opinion, but scientific data on human behavior. He also interviews many experts to view an issue from different angles. If you want to know more about social psychology, to use it while designing courses, check out Mr. Luttrell’s YouTube channel.

Andy Luttrell

12. Practical Psychology

“To help people improve themselves and others around them by better understanding how their brains work” is the main goal of Theodore, the author of Practical Psychology. And this is also one of the eLearning goals that Theodore’s YouTube channel can help to achieve. Theo explains complicated things like social, cognitive, and personality psychology in an entertaining way. Check out his channel to learn what one should do to improve their life and work behavior.

Practical Psychology

13. iSpring

Last but not least – our eLearning YouTube channel. Here we share tips and provide step-by-step guides on how to create eLearning courses, compare and overview eLearning tools, share webinars on different online learning topics, and much more. Besides, here you can also watch full tutorials of the iSpring Suite authoring toolkit, iSpring Learn LMS, and other eLearning tools.


To Sum Up

We hope that some of these eLearning YouTube channels will help you start your way in instructional design, or take your eLearning to the next level.

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