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How to Add a SCORM Course into LearnWorlds LMS

LearnWorlds LMS supports courses in SCORM 1.2, SCORM 2004 (2nd, 3rd, and 4th editions), and HTML5 formats. In this article, you’ll discover how to upload your SCORM course to LearnWorlds LMS step by step.

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How to Upload a SCORM Course into LearnWorlds LMS

1. Go to Courses and click on Create Course.

How to Upload a SCORM Course into Learnworlds LMS

2. In the Create Course Wizard, follow the prompts to: add a title, set up the course public URL, choose the course type (Paid, Draft, Coming Soon, Enrollment Closed, Free, or Private), set the price (if necessary), upload an image for your course card, and add the description of your course. Once finished, click on Next.

Create Course Wizard

3. Select Create the course content.

How to Create the course content in LearnWorlds

4. Click Add empty section.

Add empty section in Learnworlds LMS

5. Add your course title and description and set the accessibility. Click Save.

Course title and description in Learnworlds LMS

6. Click on Add Activity.

Add Activity button in Learnworlds

7. Select SCORM/HTML5 Package activity.

SCORM/HTML5 Package activity

8. Give a title to your SCORM file and click Save & Edit.

Add Activity in Learnworlds

9. Click Add scorm.

Upload SCORM file to Learnworlds

10. Select the SCORM file on your computer and click Open.

How to Upload a SCORM file into Learnworlds LMS

11. Switch on two buttons: Use SCORM Completion Rules and Student time on an activity – if you want Learnwords LMS to show you who completed your course and how much time learners spent studying it. Then scroll down and click Save.

SCORM Completion Rules and Student time settings in LearnWorlds LMS

And that’s it! You can preview your course to check whether everything works exactly how you need:

Preview mode of a SCORM course in a Learnworlds LMS

For more information about LearnWorlds LMS, visit the vendor’s official website.

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