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Boost sales through impactful training with iSpring Learn LMS

Equip your sales team with the knowledge they need to beat their quotas and increase revenue.

Discover all the ways iSpring Learn will step up your sales training

Watch your new sales reps hit all their targets in record time

Quickly create an effective onboarding program and automatically assign it to all newcomers so you can fast-track learning. They’ll have a better grasp on their new role from day one, allowing them to get off to a great start.

Keep your reps up to date on the latest product knowledge

Build online courses to quickly get all your sales reps trained on new product releases and updates. Deliver content in a few clicks and view reports to see who has completed courses and who might need a friendly reminder.

Provide 24/7 access to training content

Give your sales reps access to essential information at any time with an easy-to-use knowledge base. There they can find the latest product info, sales strategies, company policies, and more from any laptop, tablet, or smartphone.

Assess and address your team's strengths and weaknesses

Track and analyze training effectiveness with easy-to-read reports. See which courses your reps fly through and which ones prove more difficult, so you’ll know how best to fill any knowledge gaps.

Reduce sales training costs

With self-paced digital courses and virtual training sessions, there’s no need to spend money on budget-draining training expenses like instructors, venues, logistics planning, and travel.

Empower your brand ambassadors with effective partner training

Everyone representing your company needs to be 100% trained up to best promote and sell your products. With iSpring Learn, your partners will keep up with product updates, the latest sales strategies, best practices, and more.

Two are better than one – a complete solution for advanced sales training

A training platform to boost sales rep performance

Upload training content like courses, video tutorials, and help docs, assign them to your team members, and track how they progress with easy-to-read reports.

An authoring tool for fast course creation that drives results

Make your employees experts on sales best practices and communication skills with interactive courses and role-plays, and easily assess knowledge with quizzes.

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Your most critical business challenges will get solved with iSpring Learn

High turnover rate of sales personnel

Looking for ways to keep talent and ensure a more stable work environment?

By offering your team professional development courses, you’ll show you’re invested in helping them grow – boosting employee satisfaction and loyalty. Make learning fun and easy for everyone with engaging courses that can be taken on the iSpring Learn mobile app anytime, anywhere.

Low win rate

Are your reps not sufficiently familiar with your products or newest sales strategies?

Make sure your teams have all the knowledge they need to close deals by creating a well-structured training program in iSpring Learn. You can combine both sales and product training into a single learning track to ensure consistency across all teams.

Poor sales communication skills

Are you losing deals because your sales reps’ negotiation skills are subpar?

With interactive role-play simulations, your reps can develop their sales communication skills in a safe-to-fail environment. Detailed feedback messages guide your learners and scoring lets you easily assess their skills.

Nonexistent or slow business growth

Is your business stagnating, or even worse — are you losing market share?

Getting a comprehensive review of employee performance with our 360-degree feedback surveys lets you identify potential leaders who can offer fresh ideas on how to take your business to new heights. Learn more

An LMS that’s both learner and trainer friendly

Automate employee training

Let your LMS add employees to groups, assign learners to courses, send notifications, and generate reports without your manual input.

Integrate the tools you use

Connect your learning platform to your existing CRM, HRMS, ERP, etc. And with Salesforce integration, nothing can keep you from achieving your sales targets.

Involve managers in team development

Enable team leaders and line managers to get a glimpse of training data right on the supervisor dashboard. A quick glance is enough to see who is lagging or who has successfully completed courses.

See how our customers grow their sales teams

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Empower your sales team to be the top performers in your industry

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