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Streamline Staff Onboarding with iSpring's LMS for Restaurants

iSpring Learn is the ideal LMS for training your restaurant staff. Standardize trainings across all chain locations, free up your managers, and improve employee retention.

Hear How iSpring Learn Has Already Helped
Our Clients

Reduce training costs
We've turned our face-to-face training into online courses and no longer spend a fortune covering trainers' travel expenses and classroom rentals. Overall, we've reduced training costs by 70%: from $134,000 to $40,000 per year.
Reduce onboarding time
Learning doesn't depend on the trainers' work schedule. New franchisees learn in their free time from their smartphones and reach sales targets in their first month of work.
Decrease new hire turnover
The entire training program is on the new hire's phone. They know what is required of them, follow the instructions, make fewer mistakes, and don't burn out. As a result, turnover during the probation period is reduced by 34%.
Domino's Pizza
Dodo Pizza

Move training online

Create a learning portal and build training programs for each job position: chefs, line prep, cashiers, servers, and delivery. Employees can access learning content whenever they want and on any device.

Automate routine tasks

iSpring Learn automates all the usual training management time drains by enrolling new employees into an induction course, sending them email and text reminders, and automatically tracking their progress

You will immediately see which candidates to hire

iSpring Learn's essential reporting and analytics features clearly shows how each candidate learns, and how well they have mastered their knowledge of company policies and standards. Use this data to decide whether to hire a person for your restaurant, extend the probation, or break up.
Progress overview of all the interns
You'll be able to quickly assess the overall skill level of all your candidates and the number of training courses they have passed.
Excel or CSV reports
Download the progress report on your candidate and attach it to their resume. It will be easier for the management to decide whether or not to bring
a person into the team.
Overall rating
of candidates
Rate from best to worst. Keep track of how every candidate learns, who
is behind schedule,
and who is worth hiring.
New hire results
From the general report, you can go to the history of an individual employee and evaluate their results.
Quiz and course details
You can see what mistakes
a candidate made in an induction quiz, see what their strengths are, and where they need improvement.
Time spent on a course
Knowing how long someone spends on a learning module or quiz can be a window into how motivated an employee is.

Free up mentors and restaurant senior staff

Training doesn't depend on the schedule and mentors' mood — iSpring Learn works nights and weekends. Employees can enter the platform at any time, find answers to their questions and avoid mistakes in their work. Standards and regulations of your restaurant are always at hand.

Other benefits of iSpring Learn

iSpring Learn is an online service. You don't need to install it on your computer and set it up. In order to get started, you just need to create an account, upload learning materials, and assign them to your employees.
One-day launch
To test new hires' knowledge, create a quiz in iSpring. Employees solve tasks, and the results appear in the system instantly. You're always aware of who is working
at full force, and who is burned out and needs help.
Online assessments
With iSpring Learn, you can "blend" face-to-face training with eLearning. The system will remind employees
of upcoming events or notify learners if the schedule changes.
Push notifications and emails
Create a separate onboarding program for each employee
or position. When a new employee joins your restaurant, iSpring Learn will assign the materials needed
for the job according to their position.
Individual onboarding programs
Your employees can learn from their smartphones and tablets even when offline, such as when they're on their way home
or during lunch.
Mobile app
Standards, documents, instructions, and restaurant regulations can be accessed with tablets and smartphones 24/7. Employees can enter the platform
at any time and find the material they need to get the job done right.
Single knowledge base
24/7 customer care
We'll solve any issue by email or by phone in a single conversation, without long waiting times and transfers to other representatives. We'll handle all technical issues so you can work calmly.
of issues are resolved within 2 hours.

Best LMS for restaurant businesses of any size

We'll help to speed up the new hire onboarding for a small cafe, gastropub, or restaurant chain. 59,000 clients from 155 countries already work with us.
iSpring is recognized by top industry experts
Our tools continue to receive top world rankings because we are the first to introduce new technologies and control the quality of every aspect — from program code to technical support.
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