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Online Induction Training Software

Boost your new hire retention

Make your new hires feel welcome and keep them focused from day one with iSpring induction training software. Put your employees in the best position for success and allow them to contribute to the business ASAP.

Put induction training on autopilot


an online induction training program once and assign it to all your new employees.


training schedules. The LMS will guide new employees from unit to unit and monitor due dates.


your new hires’ progress. You will see when your employees are ready for productive work.

See your employees’
results faster

Deliver effective training to your new hires and provide them with relevant information for a better job performance

Role and responsibilities

Give a detailed explanation of a new hire’s responsibilities, related expectations, and how to correctly fulfill their role.

Employee benefits

Inform your employees about career ladders, bonuses, health insurance, medical plan, vacation time, etc.

Product knowledge training

Provide comprehensive information on the company’s products and their features, benefits, and proper usage.

Company culture

Immerse your employees in the work environment with a welcome course on your company’s history and corporate culture.

Basic policies

Ensure support on basic rules and regulations regarding employee conduct, attendance, dress code, etc.

Health and safety training

Develop a positive health and safety culture in the organization and ensure compliance with regulations.

Enhance your employee onboarding experience

Reduced employee workload

Online induction training with iSpring Learn LMS cuts down the total amount of paperwork and face-to-face mentoring.

Accelerated adaptation

Inductees aren’t limited to when and where they can learn. You can even start Inducting your employees before they begin working.

Fewer induction training costs

Online onboarding saves the company money: no more overtime, travel, and instructor costs for in-person training.

Less employee turnover

Feeling welcome, valued, and supported, recruits are more engaged in the workflow and less likely to seek a new job.

Improved new hire productivity

Learning and gaining new skills helps new hires feel prepared for upcoming tasks and quickly enhances their efficiency.

Track compliance

iSpring LMS allows you to keep track of how well recruits are doing during induction and understand if they meet your expectations.

Why iSpring

Learn is the

perfect solution

iSpring Learn provides new employees with the fastest route from hired to productive. The LMS automates your entire training process from content development to tracking and reporting.

Easy start

The learning platform is straightforward and easy to use, so you can start online training in a single day.

Mobile learning

Your employees have the freedom to study anytime and anywhere, even offline, using our free native mobile app.

Fast course creation

The LMS has an integrated authoring tool that allows you to build engaging courses and publish them right to the LMS.

Unlimited storage space

There is no limit on storage. You can upload as much learning content as you need without paying any extra.

Rapid tech support

iSpring tech engineers give a fast reply to any product-related questions over the phone, by email, or via live chat.

Fair pricing

Whichever pricing plan you choose, you will have all features and get all system updates.

Success Stories

See how companies all over the world use iSpring to induct new employees.

With iSpring, we now provide higher-quality training to marketing teams across the globe

"Now when new marketing people are coming to Moxa, we assign them the training on the iSpring Learn portal, and they take it on their own time and in their own time zone. It’s very convenient for everyone."

Leslie Cutter

Global digital marketing manager at Moxa Inc.

iSpring Learn LMS is simple to use, just like Netflix

"When new account managers join Oticon, Inc., they go through a 10-week onboarding program to help them acclimate to the company and become productive quickly."

Josephine Poelma

Executive Director of Learning and Development at Oticon, Inc.

With the help of iSpring, our residents are getting state-of-the-art care and services

"We train new employees to become CNAs on an ongoing basis. In the 4 months prior to moving our LMS to iSpring Learn, our 90-day retention averaged 69.6%; in the following 4 months, we improved this measurement to 86.4%\"

Jill Brown

The quality management coordinator of Villa St. Vincent

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