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iSpring Converter Pro Demos

Experience these demo presentations published with iSpring Converter Pro.

Why PowerPoint by PPT Solutions

When approached creatively, PowerPoint presentations can be very engaging. Here’s just one sample presentation created by PPT Solutions with iSpring. iSpring perfectly supports all the interactive features of the presentation: transitions, triggers and animations, which explain the navigation and presentation playback.

Space Shuttle Course

How much do you know about space shuttles? The Space Shuttle program was the United States government’s space program from 1981 to 2011, and during these years, 5 shuttles from the program spent over 1,330 days in space. Curious to know more? Then take the Space Shuttle course!

Digital signage advertisement

Look how a simple PowerPoint presentation can be turned into a beautiful — and effective — digital signage advertisement. After conversion to HTML5, this content can be easily displayed on virtually any screen. For example, this demo can be shown on a street display near a restaurant.

Kaspersky Software Simulation

This interactive software simulation demonstrates the functionality of Kaspersky Antivirus software. This content was created in PowerPoint using hyperlinks, animations, triggers and shapes. Converted to HTML5 with iSpring, the simulation works perfectly online.

Musical Instrument

Check out this beautifully-designed presentation in Swedish and dive into the geography of music. The presentation was created in PowerPoint and converted to the HTML5 format with iSpring.

Nature's Inspiration

Dee Ann Pederson is a nature and wildlife photographer who travels the world capturing breath taking vistas and scenes of wildlife. You will understand how easy it is to find inspiration in what surronds you once you see this amazing presentation.

Attention Grabber

Have your attention totally grabbed by this demo presentation provided by Eyeful Presentations.Check out sophisticated graphics, animations and background audio, originally created in PowerPoint and turned into captivating presentation by iSpring Converter Pro.

Competency Iceberg Model

This colorful demo presentation was created by Management Study Guide with powerful iSpring Converter Pro. You will get a couple of helpful hints on how to improve your employees’ motivation and effectiveness using widely known Iceberg Model.

Top Ten Facts about Texas

"Top Ten" presentation about Houston for nationwide attendees has been kindly provided by SlideBoom Presentation Contest 2009 Winner Visual Content Solutions (ViCoSo), Long Island, NY. Original content with animations developed 100% in PowerPoint.

Intro to iSpring Converter Pro

Enjoy this beautifully designed introduction to iSpring Converter Pro by m62 visualcommunications professionals to find out about how iSpring Converter Pro can help you with your business in the most engaging way.

Auton Pro

Check out how iSpring accurately keeps animations and interactivity of this demo presentation of the "Auton Pro" pocket computer by Auton. The presentation was created in PowerPoint and converted to HTML5 with iSpring Converter Pro.

You are so beautiful...

How can anyone not like this fantastic presentation created by one of our clients? Enjoy this great romantic song accompanied by beautiful mesmerizing pictures and check out how iSpring does the job of preserving all animations and multimedia.

Let's Brew Some Hebrew

Would you like to learn Hebrew? It seems quite hard, but it becomes so easy with this language course, created with iSpring by Cynthia Rankin. Check out great audio narrations and the support of right-to-left languages, provided by iSpring.

Yachting Qualification

Ever wanted to sail the English Channel on a yacht or skipper? As this delightful ad shows, official qualification from the Royal Yachting Association is tantalizingly within your reach, thanks to these wonderful courses from Kipper Sailing, created and hosted with iSpring.