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22 Moodle Plugins to Take eLearning to the Next Level

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Moodle Plugins

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 If you go to the Moodle plugins directory, you’ll find over 1,600 plugins, and that’s not all — the set is constantly being updated. So, it can be pretty challenging to choose the right modules for your Moodle LMS. Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered! 

To make the choice a bit easier, we’ve compiled the top 22 Moodle plugins, covering various aspects of eLearning. Check them out right now or just bookmark this article to refer back to it in the future.

Course Authoring Moodle Plugins

All these plugins can help you create online courses. We’ve intentionally picked tools which present eLearning content in different formats: as interactive courses, content pages, a timeline of social media posts, and more. What to choose is up to you. Take a look to find the plugin you need!

1. iSpring Suite

iSpring Suite plugin for Moodle

iSpring Suite is more than a plugin. It’s a fully-stocked authoring toolkit that allows you to create engaging eLearning courses with quizzes, interactive assessments, video lectures, screencasts, and dialogue simulations. With iSpring, you can convert your legacy Word, PDF, and PPT content into SCORM or build courses from scratch to publish them for Moodle.

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2. Interactive Content – H5P

H5P plugin for Moodle

H5P is a powerful authoring tool inside your LMS. Among the top 3 most downloaded Moodle activities, it enables you to create different kinds of eLearning content, including slides with quizzes, interactive videos, and simulations with branching scenarios. 

3. Content Pages

Content Pages plugin for Moodle

With the Content Pages Moodle plugin, you can build courses from text, images, and multimedia. The content is distributed in pages that provide a good reading experience. It also allows you to perform knowledge checks with three kinds of questions: True/False, multiple choice, and matching questions. Learners can provide feedback on the content studied on the page and reply to their peers’ comments.

4. Socialwall Format

Socialwall plugin for Moodle

The Socialwall plugin turns Moodle into a social learning platform. It has a familiar and easy-to-use interface with a filterable timeline of posts. Like on Facebook, you can post articles and add pictures and videos from YouTube. The plugin integrates with Moodle’s activities and resources, so you can also add assignments for your learners right in the timeline. 

5. Edwiser Course Formats

Edwiser Course Formats plugin for Moodle

Edwiser Course Formats is a Moodle plugin designed to enhance the look of your course content irrespective of the Moodle theme. It comes with two intuitive course layouts. You can display your course in the form of collapsible lists or present your content items on neatly stacked cards.

Quiz and Activity Moodle Plugins

To assess how much your learners know, you’ll definitely need specific modules for knowledge checks. In our list, you’ll find some test and quiz plugins. There are also several modules that can help you create learning games and activities.

6. iSpring QuizMaker

iSpring QuizMaker plugin for Moodle

iSpring QuizMaker is a robust tool for creating tests and quizzes which are perfectly Moodle-compatible. You can assess your employees’ competency and knowledge with 14 question types: matching, fill in the blank, hotspot, sequence and more. Engage users in the learning and help them train their skills with drag-and-drop activities. To enhance the learning experience, you can give detailed feedback on learners’ answers, create individual branching scenarios, and set up points and testing rules.

7. JazzQuiz

JazzQuiz plugin for Moodle

The JazzQuiz Moodle plugin is created specially for providing knowledge checks at face-to-face lessons. After the test is completed, you can go through the results and see exactly what answer each learner gave to each question. 

8. QUESTOURnament

QUESTOURnament plugin for Moodle

QUESTOURnament is a Moodle plugin for engaging learners in a game of questions. Participants must solve intellectual challenges within the given time limit. The ranking is set according to learners’ results. Not only trainers but also students can propose challenges to their fellows. 

9. Game Activity Module

Game Activity Module for Moodle

The game activity module makes use of questions, quizzes, and glossaries to offer game-based learning. There’s a variety of interactive games, including Hangman, Crossword, Cryptex, Sudoku, and Snakes and Ladders.

10. Exabis Games

Exabis Games plugin for Moodle

Exabis Games is another plugin designed to bring the aspect of game-based learning into Moodle. It includes two games based on quizzes: Braingame and Exaclick. The main goal of Braingame is to launch the scientist into outer space while, in Exaclick, a learner has to uncover tiles to open the whole picture. 

Motivation Moodle Plugins

There are at least two effective ways to motivate learners — to engage them in a competition and to demonstrate your appreciation. If you’re a Moodle user, motivate your learners to conquer new peaks with these plugins:

11. Level up! — Gamification

Level up plugin for Moodle

The Level up Moodle plugin is aimed at gamifying the learning experience by allowing participants to level up in their training. You can award points when learners complete their assignments and encourage healthy competition with ratings.

12. Custom Certificate

Custom Certificate plugin for Moodle

With the Custom certificate plugin, you can create fully-customizable PDF certificates in your web browser. It proves unique verification codes for each certificate so you can use certificates for authentic employee accreditation. 

Analytics Moodle Plugins

Tracking learner activity and results is one of the most important aspects of training. We can recommend you a couple of tools that will help you automate the assessment process and let you learn about students’ achievements whenever you need to.  

13. Learning Analytics Enriched Rubric

Learning Analytics Enriched Rubricplugin for Moodle

LA e-Rubric is developed as a Moodle plugin for assessing learners’ performance. It’s based on the concept of assessment rubrics, which is widely used in education. The plugin contains “enriched” criteria and grading levels against which learners’ interaction and learning behavior in a Moodle course are assessed. 

14. Configurable Reports

Configurable Reports plugin for Moodle

The Configurable Reports block makes it easy to assess learners’ results and identify well-performing students and those who need to be pushed. You can build different types of reports (course, category, timeline reports, and custom SQL reports) and select which users can view them. The plugin also allows you to export the reports for sharing and analysis. 

Communication Moodle Plugins

Nice communication in eLearning can improve learners’ outcomes and satisfaction. To provide effective interaction between Moodle users, you can use specific modules. Here are three plugins that support various methods of communication:

15. Zoom Meeting

Zoom Meeting plugin for Moodle

Zoom is a video and web conferencing platform that enables you to host online meetings with up to 50 people. It offers a plugin that provides flawless integration with Moodle, making it easy to create, synchronize, and backup/restore your video conferences and meetings. Using it, you can communicate with your learners and deliver your training online via video. 

16. Global Chat

Global Chat plugin for Moodle

With the Global chat plugin, learners and educators can communicate in real time through Moodle. It works like Google Chat or Facebook Chat. A user can choose a person subscribed to a specific course in the list and start an online conversation. 

17. Edwiser Forms

Edwiser Forms plugin for Moodle

The Edwiser Forms plugin offers ready-made form templates to speed up the communication process between learners and trainers. With the drag-and-drop form builder, you can create course enrollment, event subscription, feedback, and some other kinds of forms, and add them on any page of your Moodle website within minutes.

Better User Experience Moodle Plugins

The LMS user experience matters both for instructors and learners. So as not to make Moodle users spend hours mastering the platform and dealing with a significant learning curve, you can install a theme with an intuitive design. This is what we’ve found for you:

18. Adaptable

Adaptable plugin for Moodle

Downloaded 17,000 times, Adaptable is a clear winner among themes for Moodle. It’s highly customizable and responsive, which makes it suitable both for corporations and universities. Adaptable has a variety of additional layout settings and countless configuration options. 

19. Edwiser RemUI

Edwiser RemUI Moodle plugin

Edwiser RemUI is an elegant, modern theme for Moodle designed with learners and instructors in mind. It has a beautiful, user-friendly interface and offers tons of interesting customization alternatives to personalize the learning and teaching experience. It is a truly responsive theme that allows learners to access courses and continue learning on their preferred devices – smartphone, tab, laptop, or desktop – without restrictions.

20. Moove

Moove plugin for Moodle

Moove is another popular theme for Moodle that is valued for its user-friendly modern design. With its intuitive dashboard and clean interface focused on learning activities and content, it has everything you need for a nice Moodle experience. 

Time-Management Moodle Plugins

With effective time management, you can keep your learners on track. Check out these Moodle plugins that will help you deal with some common time management challenges. 

21. Checklist

Checklist plugin for Moodle

The Checklist plugin lets a trainer create to-do lists for their learners and keep track of how far they have progressed, as they tick off the items. The tasks can be marked as required or optional. Learners can also add their own personal private tasks to the checklist. 

22. Facetoface

Facetoface plugin for Moodle

The Facetoface plugin may be interesting for blended learning supporters who are looking for ways to provide event management. The module allows you to keep track of face-to-face meetings and whole training sessions which can last several days. 

If you’re not taking advantage of some of these Moodle plugins, you’re definitely missing out. Find your favorites and install them to make your learning environment even better.  

If you know some other great Moodle plugins, please do share them in the comments. 

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